Compendium Of Technologies From RGCB

SL No: Technology/ Patent Patent Granted Licensing Status Transferred Company
1 A synergistic anti-tumor composition.
Patent No: 281500
India Not Yet NA
2 A Cu (II) carbohydrazone complex, processes, compositions, and applications thereof.
(Collaboration with Cochin University of Science and Technology)
Patent No: 286230
India Not Yet NA
3 A hexane extract of Aegle marmelos fruit and process thereof.
Patent No: 289767
India Not Yet NA
4 Methods and materials for identifying therapeutic response in chronic myeloid leukemia.
(Patent No:10,466,244 B2)
USA Not Yet NA
5 A mouthwash composition for managing oral mucositis, process and methods thereof.
(Patent No: 350995)
India Yes Ceego Labs, Pvt.Ltd
6 A method of detecting and quantifying the calcium conducting activity of calcium channel proteins.
(Patent. No: 351849)
India Not Yet NA
7 Uttroside B and derivatives thereof as therapeutics for hepatocellular carcinoma. Japan and Canada Yes QBioMed,Inc. USA
8 Anosmia kit -Covid19. Yes Instigator e-supporting Systems, Pvt.Ltd
9 Recombinant cell lines for Drug Screening. Yes XimBio, UK
10 Annexin V FITC Kit. Yes Layog Life Sciences
11 Therapeutic compositions from Brevenin-1 family of peptides and uses thereof.
[Patent Application No: 201641020429]
Not Yet
12 Peptides and uses for managing Viral Infections.
Not Yet
13 Therapeutic compositions of Antimicrobial Peptides.
[Patent Application No: 201741037147]
Not Yet
14 Polypeptides for managing Viral Infections .
Not Yet
15 Novel Tacrine Derivatives that target NMDA receptor, Acetylcholinesterase, Butyrylcholinesterase and Beta secretase activities.
[Patent Application No. 201841015699]
Not Yet
16 Synthetic Transmembrane Peptide Pore for the Single-Molecule Sensing.
[Patent Application No:201941014383]
Not Yet
17 Method For Increasing Biomass Of Photosynthetic Organism By Extending Its Life In Culture.
[Patent Application No: 201941042492]
Not Yet
18 An Antifungal Synthetic Peptide Derived from Osmotin Protein.
[Patent Application No: 201941014383]
Not Yet
19 Apoptosis Inducing Peptide (SSTP1).
[Patent Application No: 202041016382]
Not Yet
20 Synthetic Hybrid Peptide for Chronic Wound Healing and Skin Regeneration.
[Patent Application No: 202041024450]
Not Yet
21 Thermosensitive Sprayable Hydrogel as a Drug Delivery System.
[Patent Application No: 202041024449]
Not Yet


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