Raman Evidence of Multiple Adsorption Sites and Structural Transformation in ZIF-4

Priyanka Jain, Gayatri Kumari, Meha Bhogra, Premakumar Yanda, Boby Joseph, Umesh V Waghmare, Chandrabhas Narayana (2023)
Inorganic Chemistry     DOI: 10.1021/acs.inorgchem.3c00067

Raman spectroscopy an ideal tool for studying the physical properties and applications of metal–organic frameworks (MOFs)

Janaky Sunil, Chandrabhas Narayana , Gayatri Kumari ,Kolleboyina Jayaramulu (2023)
Chemical Society Reviews     doi.org/10.1039/d2cs01004f

Evidence of pressure-induced multiple electronic topological transitions in BiSe.

Sushmita Chandra, Janaky Sunil, Prabir Dutta, Kaushik Pal, Manisha Samanta, Boby Joseph, Chandrabhas Narayana and Kanishka Biswas. (2023)
Materials Today Physics     30, 100956

Insights on Aggregation of Hen Egg-White Lysozyme from Raman Spectroscopy and MD Simulations

Divya Chalapathi, Amrendra Kumar, Pratik Behera, Shijulal Nelson Sathi, Rajaram Swaminathan, and Chandrabhas Narayana (2022)
Molecules     doi.org/10.3390/molecules27207122

Pressure induced topological and topological crystalline insulators

V. Rajaji, F. J. Manjón, Chandrabhas Narayana (2022)
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter     doi.org/10.1088/1361-648x/ac8906

Unusual CO2 Adsorption in ZIF-7: Insight from Raman Spectroscopy and Computational Studies

K. Kamali, S. Prasad, M. K. Sahoo, J. N. Behera, U. V. Waghmare, Chandrabhas Narayana (2022)
Inorganic chemistry     doi.org/10.1021/acs.inorgchem.2c00913

Spin reorientation to a Γ3(Cx, Fy, Az) configuration and anisotropic spin-phonon coupling in a Sm0.5 Y0.5 FeO3 single crystal

Bhawana Mali, Janaky Sunil, Harikrishnan S. Nair, Chandrabhas Narayana, and Suja Elizabeth (2022)
Physical Review B     doi.org/10.1103/PhysRevB.105.214417

Stability of zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIF-7) under high pressures and its implications on storage applications of ZIFs

K. Kamali, B. Joseph, Chandrabhas Narayana (2022)
Journal of Solid State Chemistry     doi.org/10.1016/j.jssc.2022.122973


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