PIWI proteins and piRNAs in cervical cancer: a propitious dart in cancer stem cell-targeted therapy.

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RFX1: a promising therapeutic arsenal against cancer.

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TALEN based HPV-E7 editing triggers necrotic cell death in cervical cancer cells (2017)

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miR Cluster 143/145 Directly Targets Nrl and Regulates Rod Photoreceptor Development.

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Implications of miR cluster 143/145 as universal anti?oncomiRs and their dysregulation during tumorigenesis.

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Cytotoxicity and cellular uptake of ZnS:Mn nanocrystals biofunctionalized with chitosan and aminoacids.

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Developmental wave of Brn3b expression leading to RGC fate specification is synergistically maintained by miR-23a and miR-374.

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