No: RGCB/INST/MLS/LC/2019-20/02


Sealed quotations are invited for "Annual Maintenance Contract for Air Conditioners" in RGCB-LS laboratories at District Hospital Nedumangadu, General Hospital Neyyattinkara, Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram, Secretariat and General Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram as main centers and collection centers/Mini Lab at Legislative Assembly subject to the terms and conditions listed below.

No Type of AC Quantity
Medical College TVM
1. 1.5 Ton Air conditioners 4
2. 2 Ton Air conditioners 3
3. 3 Ton  Air conditioners 3
1. 1.5 Ton Air conditioners 1
2. 3 Ton  Air conditioners 1
Legislative Assembly
1. 2 Ton Air conditioners 1
District Hospital Nedumangadu
1. 1.5 Ton Air conditioners 1
2. 2 Ton Air conditioners 3
General Hospital Neyyattinkara
1. 1.5 Ton Air conditioners 3
2. 2 Ton Air conditioners 2
General Hospital Trivandrum
1. 2 Ton Air conditioners 2
  1. The following conditions have to be satisfied by the tenderer, with documentary proof to be enclosed with tender.
    1. The Company must have THREE years of experience in the Maintenance and Repair of Refrigeration Systems to State/Central Government institution.
    2. The Company shall have been registered with the appropriate registration authority.
    3. The Company shall have been registered with the Income Tax and Service/GST Tax Department.
  2. All Equipment under contract should be serviced four times during the contract period as per standard checklists as below.
    1. The Compressor should be checked for its proper functioning and if any defect is found, the same should be repaired / replaced.
    2. Safety controls such as pressure cut outs should be tested for proper functioning.
    3. Air filters should be inspected and cleaned.
    4. Cooling coil should be inspected and cleaned.
    5. The Blower motor should be checked and defects should be rectified.
    6. Defect in electrical items and control wiring should be attended.
    7. Refrigerant leak should be checked and rectified as per recharging procedure.
    8. Refrigerant should be topped up in the system as and when required etc.
    9. Condenser Fan motor should be checked
    10. Condenser coil should be checked and cleaned.
  3. All breakdown calls should be attended during contract period within 2 hours and minor complaints should be resolved within 2-5 hours and for the major complaints the completion period shall be mutually discussed & shall vary on case to case based on nature of breakdown & availability of spares.
  4. RGCB will supply all necessary spares and consumables needed for the repair and maintenance.
  5. The service providers have to bring all tools and machineries needed for repair & service of equipment.
  6. This Contract lays emphasis on "Safety First!" which mandates the service technicians to work only in safe conditions at all times.
  7. RGCB reserves the right to terminate the contract by giving prior notice of one week, if technicians do not follow above mentioned conditions.


50% after 1st Service,
50% after 3rd Service.

Your quotation stating the AMC charges may reach the undersigned on or before 15th July 2019, 15:00 hrs, tender will be opened on 16th July 2019, 10.00 hrs. Representatives of tenderer agencies can witness the quotation at the time of opening bid. Quotations should be addressed to:

The Chief Controller
Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology

Controller of Administration


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