Research Programs


Functional role of tRNA modifications in Plasmodium falciparum


Histone methylation marks shapes the chromatin structure in malarial parasite


Study the underlying mechanisms of artemisinin resistance in P. falciparum

Current Research Grants

  • 2019 2016

    Functional studies on the lncRNAs of Plasmodium falciparum and its role in antigenic variation process.
    Department of Science & Technology [DST] [ECR]

  • 2019 2016

    Molecular determinants of vascular differentiation in the pathogenesis of cerebral arteriovenous malformation.
    Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] [KBC]

  • 2018 2015

    Role of epigenetic histone methylation marks in chromatin plasticity at various stages of malarial parasite.
    Department of Biotechnology [DBT] [IYBA]

  • 2018 2013

    Functional role of tRNA modifications in Plasmodium falciparum.
    Department of Science & Technology [DST]


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