Research Programs


Fodrin as a regulator of microtubule nucleation


Alpha-fodrin is essential for proper progression of mitosis


beta tubulin 2C in self- renewal: Effect on different proteins

Current Research Grants

  • 2020 2017

    Analysis of Fodrin Association with Gamma-Tubulin Complex, The Microtubule Nucleator (Principal Investigator)
    Department of Science & Technology [DST]

  • 2020 2017

    Investigating the Nanomaterials Based Exosome Characterization for Cancer Prognostic: An Approach towards Liquid Biopsy for Cancer (Co- Investigator)

Research Grants Completed

    1. Structure-Function Studies of Diaminothiazoles, A New Class of Potential Anticancer Agent
      Department of Science & Technology [DST] 2009 Feb -2012 Feb

    2. Interaction of a cytotoxic diaminothiazole with tubulin
      Council of Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR] 2006 Dec- 2009 Dec

    3. Characterization of the Nucleation Stage of Microtubule Assembly by Some Assembly Inducers
      Department of Science & Technology [DST] 2003 Feb -2007 Feb

    4. Identification, Purification and Characterization of the γ-tubulin Complex from Indian Toad and its Involvement in Microtubule Nucleation
      Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] 2003 Jan-2006 Aug

    5. Tubulin-Microtubule System: Study Of The Nucleation Stage Of Microtubule Assembly And Interaction With A Potential Anticancer Agent
      DBT Programme Support Phase II 2003 Mar-2005 Mar


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