Current Research Grants

  • 2020 2016

    Identification and immmunosensor based detection of peptide biomarkers in mastitic milk and development of synthetic anti-microbial peptide hydrogels as alternative therapy for bovine mastitis Collaborating institutes: Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar and UAS, Bangalore.
    National Agricultural Science Fund (NASF)

  • 2019 2014

    a. Frog skin-derived antimicrobial peptides to combat multiple drug resistant MRSA
    b. Development of Engineered Disinfectants: Reversal of resistance to β-lactam antibiotics in Staphylococcus aureus using phage mediated approach
    c. Synthesis of Biologically active cell penetrating (Trojan) peptides for different nano-drug delivery applications d. Design and synthesis of a new sulfonamide linker for the chemical synthesis of proteins and their analogues by native chemical ligation
    Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE]

  • 2019 2016

    Bio-prospecting of Anti-Microbial Peptides from Hymenopteran (ants, bees and wasps) insects.Collaborating institute: UAS, Bangalore.
    Department of Biotechnology [DBT]

Research Grants Completed

    1. Conformational studies of novel antimicrobial peptides and their analogues (brevinin, esculentin and bradykinin families)Indo-Irish project with Chandrala Hewage, University collage, Dublin
      Department of Science and Technology [DST] 2011-2014

    2. Antimicrobial peptides from the skin secretion of Fungoid Frog Hylarana malabarica of W Ghats
      Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] 2012-2014

    3. Identifying surface marker signature of oral cancer stem cells to develop a prognosis marker for oral squamous cell carcinoma using peptide-based CSC detection
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2011-2014

    4. Bioprospecting and Preclinical Development of Peptide Antibiotics from Frog Skin Secretions
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2007-2011

    5. Peptide conjugated Dendritic Nanocarriers for Targeted Multi phased Drug Delivery
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2007-2011

    6. Development of new hydrophilic, flexible polymer for solid phase combinatorial peptide library synthesis.
      Council of Scientific and Industrial Research [CSIR] 2005-2008

    7. Conservation genetics of endemic Indirana frogs of Western Ghats. Indo-Finnish project with JuhaMerilä, University of Helsinki
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2008-2011

    8. DNA Barcoding of selected ranid frogs of Western ghats, Kerala
      Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment [KSCSTE] 2007-2010

    9. Bioprospecting of Antimycobacterial compounds from selected plants
      Department of Biotechnology [DBT] 2008-2010

    10. Explorative studies on the Pharmacological potential peptides focusing drug targets
      W. Ghats cell 2007-2010


Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology (RGCB),
Thycaud Post, Poojappura,
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014, Kerala, India
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