Single cell transcriptomics reveals molecular subtype and functional heterogeneity in models of breast cancer.

Daniel L Roden, Laura A Baker, Benjamin Elsworth, ChiaLing Chan, Kate Harvey, Niantao Deng, SunnyWu, Aurelie Cazet, Radhika Nair, Alexander Swarbrick.

Stromal Smoothened inhibition depletes triple negative breast cancer stem cells and sensitizes to chemotherapy.

Aurélie Cazet*, Mun Hui*, Ben Elsworth, Sunny Wu, Caroline Cooper, Michael Samuel, Jessica Yang, Niantao Deng, Nicola Foreman, Andrea McFarland, Radhika Nair, Sandra O'Toole, Rosalía Caballero, Miguel Martín and Alexander Swarbrick.

A novel role for the HLH protein Inhibitor of Differentiation 4 (ID4) in the DNA damage response in basal-like breast cancer.

Laura A Baker, Christoph Krisp, Daniel Roden, Holly Holliday, SunnyZ Wu, Simon JunankarAurelienASerandour, Hisham Mohammed, Radhika Nair, ChiaLing Chan, Jessica Yang, Nicola Foreman, BreannaFitzpatrick, Geetha Sankaranarayanan, AndrewMK Law, Chris Ormandy, MatthewJ Naylor, AndreaMcFarland, PeterT Simpson, Sunil Lakhani, Sandra O'Toole, Christina Selinger, Lyndal Anderson, GoliSamimi, NevilleF Hacker, Warren Kaplan, Jason S Carroll, Mark Molloy, Alexander Swarbrick.

The role of cancer stem cells in tumor heterogeneity and resistance to therapy.

Konrad C, Murali R, Varghese AB, Nair R $ ($ corresponding author). (2017)
Can J Physiol Pharmacol.     95(1):1-15.

ID4 controls mammary stem cells and marks breast cancer with a stem cell-like phenotype.

Junankar S, Roden D, Baker L, Nair R, et al, Swarbrick A. (2015)
Nature Communications     27;6:6548.


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